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Hobie Call - OCR Royalty

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Here at Trio Fitness we believe that Obstacle Course Races are a phenomenal way to keep in shape and stay healthy. They require a strong balance in training and very good nutrition. They are also SUPER FUN! That's a large reason why we offer training for Obstacle Course Races and why we've decided to provide our audience with the training history, achievements, diets, and current training methods of some of the top athletes in OCR today.

Hobie Call

Though Hobie has said that he is heading into retirement now after the 2017 Spartan Race World Championship this past weekend, he is still considered the best Spartan Racer to date by most, and at the very least, a pioneer of obstacle course racing.

Race History/Background:

Hobie ran track in high school and believes that having a running background has been very important for him. He was a 2008 Marathon Qualifier for the Olympics with a 2.16:00 time. He started in 2011 running Spartan Race and branched out from there into many other OCR companies such as Battle Frog, Warrior Dash, and others. Hobie has won 40+ races including 3 Spartan Race World Championships.


In 2010-2012 Hobie says that he would average 10-12 miles per week running. During that time he also did a lot of lower body work such as lunges - a LOT of lunges - up to ½ miles of lunges with a 10lb weight vest. On heavier days he would do ¼ mile of lunges with up to 100lbs of weight. As of an interview in February, Hobie is running between 20-30 miles per week. He runs 3x per week and works upper body 3x per week; alternating between the two.

Hobie’s Speed Workout:

1: Treadmill: 4:20 mile pace - 30 second interval, 40 second interval, 50 second interval, up to 1:30 seconds interval. He takes 1 minute “rests” between intervals.

2: Treadmill & Wearing 40lb weight vest: 5:00 mile pace using 1 minute intervals with 20 second rests between.

3: Farmer’s Carries and Sandbag Carries to finish it off.

For upper body work Hobie uses a beam in his living room to work on grip strength going from one end to the other doing pullups and holding finger-tip ledges. He uses ropes and sandbags for pullups and slams. To be better prepared for wet bars during races Hobie will use cotton gloves with little to no grip to simulate that situation.

Hobie even does breathing exercises on his way to races and when he wakes up in the morning. He takes in really deep breaths and holds it for a while before releasing. He says that it helps to loosen up his lungs to be prepared for the race or workout ahead.

One of Hobie’s favorite workouts:

Treadmill warmup at 4:50 minute pace

Sandbag carry for 200 meters

Farmer’s Carries for 200 meters

20 minute tempo run uphill/downhill with 10lb weight vest.

Tempo run back home


Holbie has a famous drink that he claims has been a huge aid for him during his race career. The exact recipe is below.

16 oz. pure water

2-4 Tbsp raw honey or maple syrup

1 scoop 20-30 grams protein powder

2 tsp Olive oil

1 Tbsp Super Greens

2 tsp pine pollen list the drink below as his energy drink:

12 oz. Water

1 Packet Emergen-C

1 Tbsp. Raw Honey/ Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp Sunwarrior Liquid Light

1 tsp. Beet Juice Powder

Holbie is an unbelievable testament to hard work and dedication. He has a wife and five children and yet he still was able to race as one of the best in the sport up to the age of 40. We don't know for sure if he'll stay in retirement (he's come back before) but we hope he doesn't. His electric personality and his drive will be missed on the course.

One Last Note:

You, like many others, might be inspired by Holbie and decide that you want to take a shot and compete in OCR. If that's the case, you should. You don't need amazing genetics or any special elixirs, you simply have to dedicate yourself to the work. OCR will have a new "greatest ever" one day. There's no reason why it can't be you.

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