Trio Fitness Tactical

For current and soon-to-be military. For firefighters and police. For all those whose jobs require them to move heavy weights far and fast in order to save lives.

Monthly Programs


7 Training Days Per Week

SFAS Preparation is a custom program designed for those ready to try out for Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Selection requires an enormous amount of raw strength and a huge base of endurance. This program is designed to take you from where you are right now, to the point where you have the physical tools necessary to get through Selection. You'll also receive a free copy of our Land Navigation eBook when you sign up for this program. 

$100 monthly


5 Training Days Per Week

Although Psychological Operations Assessment & Selection only lasts 10 days, those 10 days are packed full of physically demanding events. You will spend countless hours on your feet with a ruck on, and you'll need to be in the best shape of your life to perform at a high level and to be able to help the candidates around you. 

$90 monthly


3 Training Days Per Week

As someone serving in law enforcement, the military, or firefighting, your job demands that you have the strength and stamina to carry additional weight daily and excel in protecting and saving lives. Tactical Daily provides you with the training needed to keep you performing at peak levels on a daily basis. Society needs you, and we want to help you be fit and prepared for everything that comes your way.

$35 monthly



If you're in the Army, you already know. A huge portion of your career revolves around how well you do on PT tests. A strong APFT score will get you to more schools and get you promoted more quickly. You need it for your career, and you need it for yourself. The APFT Improvement eBook has 8 weeks worth of programming. If you follow the workouts all the way through, your APFT score WILL improve.



This eBook will introduce you to land navigation and help you grasp concepts based on first-hand experiences in military land navigation during initial Infantry Training, individual practice on military land navigation courses, and testing both in the Special Forces Preparation Course and Special Forces Assessment and Selection. You'll learn how to plot points, about key terrain features, and multiple strategies for navigation.