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Trio Fitness Tactical

Programming for Tactical Competitions and Army Special Operations Selections.

Training Staff's Most Applicable Certifications:

NSCA - Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator
NASM, NPTI, NCSF, NCCPT - Certified Personal Trainer
NFPT - Endurance Training Specialist, Resistance Training Specialist
NESTA - Heart Rate Specialist, Sports Injury Specialist

TRX - Suspension Training, Functional Training
NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

Monthly Programs

Tactical 2

3 Training Days Per Week

These 3 weekly workouts will help you build the strength and physicality needed to perform at a high level at tactical competitions like The Tactical Games, The Gun Run, The Patriot Games, and more. These workouts are also extremely beneficial for military, law enforcement, and fire fighters. Unlike our custom training programs, it is up to each athlete to scale the workouts provided according to their fitness level and abilities. Click the title to learn more and get started.

$50 monthly


5 Training Days Per Week

This fully customized program is designed to prepare you for Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection (POAS) or Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection (CAAS). All of these selections require a high level of physical fitness. You'll do a lot of rucking and a lot of running as well as events where carrying heavy items for long distances will be the new norm. You'll need to be strong, fast, and have great endurance. Those signing up for this program will also receive our 'Land Navigation' eBook for free. Click the title to learn more and get started.

$175 monthly

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