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Hybrid Training

Training for DekaFit/Mile/Strong, Hyrox, Camp Gladiator Games, and more.

Training Staff's Most Applicable Certifications:
NASM, NPTI, NCSF, NCCPT - Certified Personal Trainer
NFPT - Endurance Training Specialist, Resistance Training Specialist
NESTA - Heart Rate Specialist, Sports Injury Specialist
NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

Spartan - Deka


3 Training Days Per Week

We created this program so that money would never be the reason why a Hybrid athlete can't get excellent training. Each week we provide 3 workouts. These workouts cover individual station work common for most Hybrid competitions, strength circuits, and more. Unlike our custom training programs, it is up to each athlete to scale the workouts provided according to their fitness level and abilities. Click the title to learn more and get started.


3 Training Days Per Week

Custom Hybrid training workouts built around your specific goals, time/equipment availability, and current fitness level. Training for this program is designed by Coach Luke: 2x Camp Gladiator Games Team Champion and Top 5 finisher at the Deka World Championship for both the Mile & Strong for Age Group (2022). Click the title to learn more and get started.

$125 monthly

$15 monthly

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