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Hear from our athletes.

"Thank you Trio Fitness OCR. Without your help I wouldn't have done this obstacle twice! Rugged Maniac NYC Barzan on my second lap"
"Despite my love for obstacle course racing, I do NOT love running. For the past month I have been getting customized OCR focused workouts from Trio Fitness Training. Each time I see a run I groan a little, but each time I finish one I feel stronger and more accomplished. The first race of the year is coming up quickly, and I have no doubt I will be crushing last year's timing."
"Great coaches, they help you to learn, understand and improve your workouts, explain each exercise in a easy way that anybody can understand it, take the time to ask you how you feeling, tell you when take a day off, they care a lot about their athletes, great work ethic. Proud of be part of this team and family."
"I have been training with Luke since January 2022. In March, I made a large gain in my time in the Deka Strong. He's gone above and beyond in analyzing my video and tailoring the workouts to what I need. When I get messages in the app they say things like "We can do this." I really feel he is vested in my goals along with me. If you do the workouts as prescribed, and stick with the program you will grow!"
"I started my first DEKA competition in Jan 2022. When I asked the question- How can I improve my DEKA Marks? I was introduced to Luke Hayes with Trio Fitness. Luke did not disappoint at all. I started training with him in May 2022, focusing on CG Games and the DEKA events: Strong, Miles, and FIT. He was the champion for the CG Games finals in 2021, and his PR for DEKA strong is 12:54 on the DEKA leadership’s board.

Trio offers a virtual app – 3 times per week, and Luke understands my weaknesses and strengths. Every workout is highly difficult, but not impossible. It motivates me to never give up. Fifty-one years old, but still keep going! I feel happy every time I accomplish my workout. Thanks, Luke. Keep up the excellent work!"
"I have been training with Trio Fitness OCR for 6 short weeks and have already seen an improvement in endurance! My mile times are getting faster and overall I'm feeling stronger. I've also lost a few pounds, and that feels pretty great as well! The app is super easy to use (very helpful too!) The workouts are challenging and fun at the same time (if you like the torturous workouts like hill sprints and burpees) I took them up on their offer to anyone who was unable to finish the Killington Ultra and I am not disappointed! The training has gone beyond what I was expecting and I can't wait to see the difference at Killington in 2020!!"
"I highly recommend Trio Fitness!! I have been working with them for almost a year now! I found them when searching for articles about how to train for hills when you live in flat Florida. I was prepping to compete in the spartan AG series and found the article really helpful so I inquired about training with them and it was a perfect match! They far exceeded my expectations! Their communication each week is on point! And they are always quick to answer any questions I have! For someone who had never ran mountains before, they had me feeling confident going into races with over 2,000 ft elevation gain! And I was able to land 4 podium spots this season and third overall for the AG series! They 100% helped me take my training to the next level while also keeping me injury free! My grip strength also improved so much! I would typically fail 5-7 obstacles and on my last race I only failed 3! They created the perfect training program for me to have my best Spartan year yet!!"

"I've been working with Trio Fitness for 3 months to get me ready for my Spartan races this year and would highly recommend them to others.

I was looking for a coach that specializes in OCR and they've been amazing at developing targeted programming for me to develop the conditioning, strength and skills that I need to be as ready as possible for the trails and obstacles.

They clearly leverage their own OCR experience and are very thoughtful about tailoring workouts to my development needs, current fitness level, and available equipment. They are also highly responsive and extremely encouraging and supportive."

"Trio Fitness all the way! I tried two other online coaches before I gave Trio Fitness a shot, and I wish I'd gone to them first and saved the frustration. They helped prepare me for my first ever Spartan Super 10k this past weekend. And it was a successful race. Here's a summary of my experience with Trio Fitness --
1) Whenever I sent a message I always had a thorough response in a reasonable amount of time, no delays followed by "Sorry, I was busy with..." Trio Fitness communicated, checked in with me if I didn't update them on my workouts, and made sure I had what I needed.

2) They used my available equipment. I don't go to a commercial gym, but that didn't matter. They provided great workouts using the equipment I have.

3) They made the workouts relevant. I'll be honest, sometimes the workouts weren't fun. But that's because they programmed for what I needed to do to overcome some obvious weaknesses, not for what was fun to do. When a circumstance necessitated a change they made it quickly. When I broke my leg the workouts were altered without hesitation. I never got "busy work" with the programming, it was always what I needed.

Overall, I went into my race feeling much more prepared than I would have on my own. Great working with you guys!"
"I've been working with Trio Fitness for about 3+ months and it's been a great experience! I decided I want to do a half marathon for the first time this coming Fall and they've helped me increase my distance and time dramatically in a short time. They've helped me deal with an IT band issue that cropped early on and have tailored my training based on my sometimes erratic schedule. They are very responsive and adjust the next week based on how the previous week went. I'm confident I'll do well on race day."
"Great workouts, great for at home OCR training. Customer service is excellent. Overall, highly recommend."
"I have used several coaches and programs over the past few years. In the end, I came back to Trio Fitness OCR because of the personalization and communication. Some programs out there use a general format for everyone and it is your job to adjust the program to fit your ability. This program is written for your goals and your ability. In addition, they are constantly making sure you are making the progress. I highly recommend this programming."
"I love Trio Fitness! Luke helped me regain my strength after shoulder surgery as well as improve my overall physical health and endurance! The Trio Fitness app is easy to navigate, videos show you exactly what to do, trainers are engaged in your progress, and my favorite part is how convenient the work outs are! I am a full time nurse and a full time graduate student, but with Trio Fitness planned workouts, I am able to make physical fitness fit into my busy schedule! I'll be running my first OCR in May despite initially telling Luke "running/cardio isn't my thing". It is also very helpful that workouts are tailored to meet my interests and goals. I highly recommend Trio Fitness!! You won't regret it!"
"I’ve been training with Joe for several years and I wouldn’t have it any other way! He’s helped me figure out my goals and execute them. He’s shown me tons of different types of exercises that I can do either in large gyms, hotels, or even at home. I also really appreciate being taught to do a lot of the “traditional” lifts safely, as that’s something I never learned growing up. I’ve done in person and remote training and both are great options!"
Trio Fitness is run by fitness enthusiasts Luke and Joel who love what they do. They are great inspiration to others and great at helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.
I recommend them highly.
"Started some weeks ago, and so far I have an excellent impression. I am still finishing healing an injury and the workouts are adapted to my condition, to the time and gear that I have available, and to my overall goals. The coaches are very responsive and interactive, and in my opinion offer great value for the money you spend."
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