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Impossible Workout 2024

In 2022 we released the Impossible Workout 2022 - Our Christmas Gift To You. A bunch of athletes, such as yourself, tried it. Some scaled it, some tried the whole thing...but only 1 actually beat it. Congrats to James Kelly who messaged us after we released the workout and said he beat it.

Try to beat this workout, and feel free to scale it if needed. Tell us how it goes - we'd love to hear/see about it! Those who did 2022's Impossible Workout (even scaled) got an awesome workout and a good test of their fitness level. If you want to post about the workout, you can tag us on Instagram & Facebook with @triofitnesstraining and use the hashtag #impossibleworkout2024 . And hey, even if you don't beat the workout in 23 mins, we'd love to see your attempt, so post those videos!


23 Minutes to Complete - once you begin, the clock runs continuously without pause for any reason until it reaches 23 minutes. Your clock starts when you touch the Skierg. Obviously, it would be smart to set all equipment and machine settings up in advance.

Exercises must be completed in the order listed, and reps/distances listed.

Exercise 1: 2,000 Meter Skierg

Exercise 2: 30 Pullups (full arm extension at the bottom, chin over the bar at the top)

Exercise 3: 25 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches Per Arm (Men - 50lbs, Women - 30lbs)

Exercise 4: 4,000 Meter Rower

Good Luck and Happy Training!


At Trio Fitness Training, we offer programming for Obstacle Course Racing, Hybrid, and Tactical athletes. If you have aspirations in any of those categories, we'd love to work with you. Our programming is custom built to each athlete and is structured to help them reach their goals and build their fitness.

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