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Impossible Workout 2022 - Our Christmas Gift To You

There is only one right way to go into Christmas for the Trio Fitness Training athlete, and that's by attempting an impossible workout. All of our athletes are assigned this workout in the weeks leading up to Christmas as a little gift from us, and we're inviting you to try it too.

Below is a side-by-side video of coaches Joel & Luke performing the workout. They did not complete it in time. You'll find the written description of the workout below.

20 Minute Workout. Once the workout starts, the timer must continue running until it hits 20 minutes. No pausing the clock for any reason...that's cheating! The workout must be completed in the order listed below.

The 2022 Impossible Christmas Workout:

Exercise 1: 1,500 Meter Row (Damper setting of your choice)

Exercise 2: 50 Dumbbell Thrusters (Men - 25lbs, Women - 15lbs)

Exercise 3: 50 Box Jumps (Men - 24 inches, Women - 18 inches)

Exercise 4: 1 Mile Treadmill OR Outdoor Run

Exercise 5: 50 Med Ball Situps (Men - 15lb, Women - 10lbs)

Exercise 6: 50 Burpees

You can't complete it in 20 that a reality or a challenge? We'll let you find out. Let us know how far you made it in the comments. For example:

Exercise 4, 6/10 of a mile.

Exercise 3, 40 Box Jumps

Exercise 5, 17 Med Ball Situps

Even if you don't complete it in time, since we made it impossible, finish the workout!


We coach athletes for events like obstacle course races, Deka Fit/Strong/Mile, Hyrox, Camp Gladiator Games, and more!

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