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3 Keys For Hybrid Training

Updated: Jul 5

If you're like me, or just about anyone else who likes Hybrid training, you've asked yourself a million times, "HOW DO I TRAIN FOR ALL OF THIS AT ONCE?!?!"

sled push at hyrox
2024 NYC Hyrox Pro

The simple answer is this: You don't. You can't...not all at once or all in just one program or training cycle. I'll use myself as an example, though I am a more extreme example because I compete in road races, trail races, obstacle course races, DekaFit/Mile/Strong, Hyrox, local Hybrid competitions, rucking races, and tactical competitions.

There is certainly crossover between some of those events, but there is also a lot of skill in different movements that needs to be developed in order to perform well, which is always my goal.


If you try to do an equal amount of every type of training (from my example above), you will either do such low volume of everything that your improvements will be minor at best, or your training volume will be ENORMOUS; far larger than most people have time for or can handle.

You need to set Priorities and put the emphasis of your training on those priorities. If you LOVE to run, but you also like competing in a Deka Strong where there is no running, then you need to decide: Should you keep running high volume because you love it, or would you rather succeed at a Deka Strong and sacrifice some of your running? Without priorities, your programming will be all over the place. A priority might be something as simple as, "I want to get stronger." So now, you prioritize more time toward strength training and less toward cardio. The priority may be finishing a 1,000m Skierg in under 5 minutes, so practicing the Skierg itself and developing your overall cardiovascular ability are what you want to Prioritize.

savage race rope obstacle
2024 Savage Race Charlotte, NC


Again, my example is a bit extreme (with the variety of race types and my desire to do well at all of them at the same time), but this works for any Hybrid athlete. You should categorize training. Let me give some examples. Trail running isn't the same as road running, but it's similar. Rucking isn't the same as running, but it's similar. Cycling isn't the same as running, but it's similar. If you are short on time, categorize and do the thing that you already Prioritized.

Deka Strong requires RAM Burpees, but I've done other Hybrid competitions that incorporate Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches. Do you have time/energy to train for both? Maybe. If not though, the movement is similar and improving at one should help you improve at the other. Same category, if you're catching my drift. Look for similar movement patterns and similar ways to train energy systems.

athlete completing the Assault Bike at Deka Strong
2024 Deka Strong at Woodall Fitness in NC


Emphasize your weaknesses specifically. Whatever you suck at...and YOU KNOW what you suck at...that's the thing you need to put emphasis on. For me, at Hyrox, I SUCKED at the Wallball because I practiced the Wallball 2x in the last several years. It burned my shoulders out and it took me forever to complete at my first Hyrox event. If I had another Hyrox coming up, I would be doing hundreds and hundreds of reps in training of the Wallball to avoid that issue again. If you're an Obstacle Course Racer, maybe you struggle with Rope Climbs or multi-rigs. If so, put a TON of Emphasis on turning those weaknesses into strengths.

I know we all want immediate answers and solutions, but fitness does not work that way. If you use these 3 Keys for Hybrid training, you will see massive overall growth in your fitness and abilities over the span of months. You won't be the best at everything, and neither will anyone else because it's not possible, but you will be good at a lot of key things that YOU want to be good at.

For coaching that will tailor all of your training toward your goals, turning weaknesses into strengths, and providing you with a consistent plan week-in and week-out, check out our website:

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