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Obstacle Transition Workout

An important, and often overlooked, part of OCR training is transitioning from running, to obstacle, to running. If you've completed an OCR before, you know that your heart is already pounding when you get to an obstacle, and it can make it very difficult to complete the obstacle. You feel out of control over what's happening, and it makes the obstacle feel much harder than it might otherwise be for you. If you don't train the breathing and the mental aspects of transitioning from running to obstacles and back, you're going to lose time on race day, struggle more mentally, and potentially fail an obstacle.

We've provided a very effective, yet technically simple, workout below that you can use to work on developing your confidence and ability on race day. Just because we've listed 400 meters below doesn't mean you have to do this at a track. This can be done virtually anywhere that has access to a pullup bar/something to do pullups on and that has room to run.


400 Meter Run

Pullups to Failure (if you can't do pullups, Dead Hang for as long as possible)

400 Meter Run

Bear Crawl x 20 seconds

400 Meter Run

Burpees x 10

*Repeat 5x* *No rest until you've completed all 5 rounds*


4 Training Days Per Week

The Competitor is for OCR participants that have a few races under their belts but want to build up for longer events or improve their standings on the leaderboard.


Each time you go from running to an exercise, you should be focusing on your breathing. Once you finish the exercise and begin running, again, focus on your breathing. Train your mind to be involved in your activity and your transitions and your race will be much smoother!

Let us know how this workout goes for you!


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