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How 85 Ruckers Are Training (Poll Results)

First and foremost, THANK YOU to the 85 athletes who completed the survey. This is our first year putting together data for Ruckers, so we're glad you were a part of it. Hopefully these results give some insight into what distances, weights, gear, and other training Rucking athletes are performing.

Question 1: What BRAND AND MODEL of Ruck do you use MOST? (If you own multiple brands, choose the one you use most often - please provide both Brand and Model in your answer).

Unfortunately, a significant number of responders didn't include the model of Ruck that they use, just the brand despite the question. That's okay, we're just going to break the data up by brand only for that reason. Also, if you add up the numbers here, they don't add up to 85. I'm not sure what happened, but I triple-checked my work...somehow answers got lost even though it was a required question. Sorry guys. Clearly, GoRuck is highly represented.

Question 2: What footwear do you NORMALLY/MOST OFTEN use when Rucking?

We had some diehard fans in the group. Instead of selecting one of the options, they started writing in the brand and model of shoe they wore...which wasn't the goal with this question. The goal was to determine what TYPE of footwear people are wearing for rucks. For those who responded with brand/model, I put them into the category that the belonged in. I thought boots were going to take this, honestly. Interesting.

Question 3: How many miles do you Ruck PER WEEK ON AVERAGE? (Mileage will typically vary, so just provide your best average guess)

The VAST majority are rucking 20 miles or less per week on average. Personally, not addressing weight yet, I think that's good mileage. For the 1 individual hitting 50+ miles of rucking per week on average...we salute you. If you have a deep love for rucking, or you have a big goal, cool. If neither of, maybe cut back a bit and save your body some unnecessary stress.


5 Training Days Per Week

This fully customized program is designed to prepare you for Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection (POAS) or Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection (CAAS). All of these selections require a high level of physical fitness. You'll do a lot of rucking and a lot of running as well as events where carrying heavy items for long distances doesn't stop.


Question 4: What pace do you NORMALLY/GENERALLY hold when Rucking? (ROUND TO THE NEAREST MINUTE PACE)

I love this data. Weight aside, this shows just how different everyone is in their pacing...there are standards for competition and military events, but if you aren't doing either of those things, ruck at whatever pace you want. That's up to you. All of the, "you have to ruck at such a pace"...ignore that. 1 person said they pace below 7 mins per mile on average while rucking. If so, that's INSANE. I know some extremely high level ruckers, but none of them average a 7, much less below. What if it were the same person doing 50+ miles per week? This person would be an absolute savage.

Question 5: How much weight (in pounds) do you NORMALLY carry when rucking? (We understand that you may change the weight frequently - select the weight that you use most often)

The weight you carry will depend on a lot of things. My experience, and the experience of others I've worked with is pretty extensive. My general overall recommendation is rucking with 45lbs is sufficient and for recreational rucking, there is no need to carry more. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I just know there is some superhuman out there who is rucking with more than 70lbs, 50+ miles per week, and at a sub 7 min per mile pace...I don't care if it's a lie, or those responses aren't from the same person. I WANT to believe this.

Question 6: How many years have you been Rucking? (You can count any years where you rucked even a few times)

To the 12 in their first year, welcome. To the 2 over 20 years, you're awesome. For everyone between, great job staying consistent! It doesn't matter how long you've been doing something as long as you stay consistent...time adds up. If you enjoy rucking, keep at it.

Question 7: What BRAND OF SOCK DO YOU TYPICALLY WEAR when Rucking? (We understand that it may vary. Just write the brand you use the most)

Okay okay, I had to down the options to the Top 3. There were 15+ brands listed, and many had one or two people who listed them. Instead of having a massive list with tons of brands, here are your top 3. Personally, I love Darn Tough socks for rucking (and running). They are very expensive for socks, but I have had the same pairs for 6 years now and they are still awesome...I wasn't surprised to see them with the most people using them.

Question 8: What other forms of training do you typically participate in ON A WEEKLY BASIS?

I'm just imagining it. The Super Rucker. 50+ Miles per week, sub 7 min per mile pace, 70lbs+ of weight, and doesn't do any other forms of training. hahaha. Okay, I'm done. Seriously though, cross training is very important for keeping a healthy, strong body. You don't have to do everything, but mixing a few things in together in an organized and planned way can help you immensely in your health and fitness journey.

That's all she rote...or that we wrote. Either way, thanks for reading. Hopefully you found this information as interesting as I did. Keep training consistently!

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