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Which Type Of Training Best Fits You?

Allow me to come right out and set expectations. This quiz is far from perfect. Based on your answers, you'll be given a "type" of training that best suites you. If it doesn't match up with reality, sorry! It's more for fun than it is for actual evaluations. However, just answering the questions may help you better understand what you prefer in your training. The goal here is to have fun, so please, enjoy!


About Trio Fitness Training:

Coaches, and brothers, Joel and Luke Hayes have been competing in Obstacle Course Racing, Hybrid Competitions, and Tactical Competitions since 2017. To date, they've competed in a combined 176 competitions, with 97 Top-10 finishes and 75 podiums. They've taken Elite/Pro podiums at Savage Race, Spartan Race, Terrain Race, Bone Frog Challenge, and several small OCR events. Both have been on many Deka Mile & Strong Podiums in the past 18 months, and Luke was on the winning team at the 2021 Camp Gladiator Games Championships. Luke and Joel both qualified for the Deka Mile & Deka Strong World Championships in their age groups. Luke will compete in both events this November. Joel has claimed podiums at events from Deka Mile & Strong, to Ultra distance OCRs, to small trail races so far in 2022. Luke and Joel have been Certified Personal Trainers for a combined 17 years and have 18 training certifications between the two of them. They have the training knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you reach any goal you have. View our OCR, Hybrid, and Tactical Programs to learn more.


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