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The Death Circ(le)uit

Most people like a challenge when it isn’t too, well, challenging. When it comes to your workouts, you HAVE to challenge yourself. Progress is only made when you challenge yourself (appropriately) more and more.

The circuit you’re about to learn, fittingly entitled the “Death Circle”, is one that will challenge your entire body with advanced exercises. Circuit Training is great for burning lots of calories and getting a full-body workout done in a much shorter amount of time than traditional weight training or cardio.

Here are the rules:

  • The “Death Circle” was designed to be miserable, so keep it that way

  • 7 different exercises in a row with no rest

  • 4x through the circuit

  • Each time through is timed and you need a faster time each and every time

  • The exercises vary between upper, lower, and full body for ultimate fatigue

1. Pushups x 20 Upper Body

2. Weighted Step-ups x 15 each leg Lower Body

3. TRX Power Pull x 15 each arm Upper Body

4. TRX Fall Down x 15 Full Body

5. Single Leg Hip Press x 10 each leg Lower Body

6. Ball Slams x 15 Full Body

7. Burpees x 15 Full Body

Helpful Strategies:

  • BLAST your favorite workout music

  • Rub a rabbit’s foot before starting

  • Keep a four-leafed clover in your pocket

ENJOY! And as always, be sure to let up know how you did!

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