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Rope Climb (And How Anyone Can Hold On With Just 1 Hand)

Muscling your way up a rope can be challenging; especially if you have to do it multiple times in a row or if it's a part of a larger conglomerate of grip intensive exercises (like at an obstacle course race). It can be extremely valuable, and for many, pivotal, to learn how to climb a rope in order to improve their level of competition at an event. As such, we have 2 videos for you today.

We almost always teach the rope climb using the J Hook method because of how fast and effective it is when used. The first demo video below is a way to check and see how good/strong your J Hook lock is for holding you up. The second video is a demonstration video on how to perform the J Hook. We hope this helps you get up any/all ropes!

Quick Tips & J Hook Test:

J Hook Tutorial:

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