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Custom Training Programs

Luke Hayes 

Joel Hayes 

175 Competitions, 96 Top-10's, 74 Podiums, 18 Training Certifications

Obstacle Course Racing
Hybrid Competitions
Tactical Training 


Train for Hybrid events like DekaFit/Mile/Strong, Hyrox, and Camp Gladiator Games. Choose between 3 weekly workouts or a custom program fit to your specific needs. 

Train to improve your physical performance at events like Tactical Games and The Patriot Games. Prepare for Special Operations Selections: SFAS & POAS. Improve your job-specific fitness as Military, Police, and Firefighter. 

Custom OCR training programs built around your specific goals, time/equipment availability, and current fitness level.
Most common goals: 100% obstacle completion, Age Group podium, completing an Ultra.

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1:1 communication

Interactive workouts

Easy tracking

You have direct contact with your coach for the entire program. 

With interactive workouts, you're involved with the program - not just told what to do.

Record reps, weight, distance, effort, and upload before/after photos to track your progress.  

Ask us your questions about fueling your body for workouts and races - before, during, and after the events.

We are here to encourage and support you every step of the way. 

Unsure of proper form? Watch how-to demos for each exercise in your program.


Constant support

Video demos