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Never Fail The Spartan Spear Throw Again

It is very possible, just like with any other skill-based task, to hit the Spear Throw every. single. time. I know there are athletes out there, some of whom are the best in the world at obstacle course racing, who say it's 50/50. Respectfully, they are wrong. The video below breaks the Spear Throw down into steps. If you do those steps, and if you practice, you will hit most, if not all, of your Spears moving forward.

Below the video you'll also find links to several websites where you can purchase a spear for training.

If you refuse to practice, this video won't help much, and you can enjoy your 30 burpees (yeah yeah, "no more burpees". Whatever).

Spears to purchase:

2: Uhh...yeah, so we used 5 different google search combinations to try and find other companies making these spears, and nothing came up that wasn't sold out or unavailable. If you know other companies that sell these, drop a link in the comments and we'll add them!


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