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Multiple Methods to Complete Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars are one of those obstacles that people struggle with at obstacle course races. Below are several demos which show different methods for completing this obstacle. There are also more methods, and perhaps we'll post demos for those at a later date. Practice different methods and find out which one works best for you. *NOTE: If you simply don't have the upper body strength or grip strength needed, building that strength should be your top priority for OCR. You can check out our OCR Programs if you're not sure where to begin.* Finally, we have dozens of obstacle videos on our Youtube channel, as well as videos and instructions for Hybrid events. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to keep getting this type of information.

Full Hanging Matching Grip

Full Hanging Alternating Grip


You'll get all of Coach Luke's workouts each week! Join the party as we keep things fun with variety and trying new challenges! Workouts will include a healthy mix of endurance, strength, crossfit, hybrid, functional training all with a main goal of competing in the Deka World Championships and the overall goal of gaining lean muscle, strength, and speed.


Bent Arm Matching Grip

Bent Arm Alternating Grip

Monkey Swing

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