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How To Climb A Rope

I admit it. I've failed the Rope Climb at a Spartan Race before. It was very muddy, and very cold, and I never learned how to properly use my feet to assist me, so I got about 1ft away from the bell, and couldn't hit it.

I grew up climbing trees and ropes and doing all sorts of things that were very helpful for my OCR racing life. I know not everyone had those opportunities, and some people are starting out as adults not knowing how, or being able to, climb a rope. Hopefully that changes today! Below are 3 videos that will teach you progressions for rope climbs so that you can build up your upper body strength in this specific way, and we've also included a short, basic tutorial for the J Hook technique. We hope this helps hundreds of you this year, and every year after!

J Hook Tutorial:


4 Workouts Per Week

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Feet On Floor Variation:

Feet Elevated Variation:

We offer videos like these, and hundreds of others, to our clients. We have a massive exercise demo library, and a constantly-expanding list of obstacle and event "how to" videos.

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