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How To Get Over The Walls At Obstacle Course Races

At every race, there are a lot of people who struggle to get over the Wall obstacles...particularly the 10ft+ ones. We've put together several video examples to show you a few different techniques you can utilize. Of course, if the ultimate issue is a fitness issue, then you'll need to work on your fitness...but for many, the right technique could be the difference between completion and penalty.

Leg Hook Technique

Running Start


You'll get the exact workouts Coach Joel is doing every week as he trains for events like Spartan, Savage, Deka, Road/Trail Races, and Tactical Events. You'll get a well structured mix of running, HIIT, strength, endurance, and obstacle training. Joel has elite/pro podiums at Spartan, Savage, Bone Frog, Terrain Race, numerous local OCRs, and has competed in multiple OCR World Championships. Click the photo or title to learn more and get started.


Standing Jump & Pullover

Tall Wall Run & Jump

Tall Wall Standing Jump & Pullover

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