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I tried my first Dekastrong event - you should too!

I competed at my first Dekastrong event this past weekend at Ferguson Fitness in Roanoke, VA. It was AWESOME! Ferguson Fitness did a fantastic job putting on the event. They had knowledgeable coaches cheering everyone on, keeping things organized and running smoothly, and wiping everything down. The energy was contagious and they also had a live DJ to get everyone pumped up!!

(Station #8)

If you're an OCR athlete then you should definitely try a Dekastrong event! It's most likely going to be way out of your comfort zone and push your hear rate higher than what you are used to but you'll have so much fun at the same time! My goal for the event (based off of seeing times from other Dekastrong events) was to finish in under 15 minutes. My time was 14:58 - phewww barely made it! I was told I had the fastest time of the day! I don't normally train at this high of an intensity since almost every OCR event lasts at least 30 minutes. You do have to "pace yourself" for Dekastrong but it's basically going at a 9/10 effort the whole way through. You have to dance the fine line of pushing yourself hard but hold back just slightly to not burn out.

(Station #7)

If you aren't familiar, here is what a Dekastrong entails. It's a new functional fitness event with 10 stations done back to back with the goal of getting the fastest total time possible.

Station #1 30 Ram alternating reverse lunges

Station #2 500 Meter row

Station #3 20 Box jump over/step over

Station #4 25 Med ball sit-up

Station #5 500 Meter Ski erg

Station #6 100 Meter farmer carry

Station #7 25 Calories air bike

Station #8 20 Dead ball shoulder over

Station #9 100 Meter tank push/pull

Station #10 20 Ram burpees

(This is how you can expect to feel after you finish.)

I fully expect to see more and more functional events like this popping up. Companies like Hyrox and Dekafit are getting great reviews and, if Covid hadn't hit, I'm sure they would both be expanding very quickly right now. Spartan Race is also planning to push Spartan Cross which is a much shorter multi-lap version of a Spartan Race which will reduce the amount of course space needed while also increasing the opportunity for spectator viewership. It's going to be interesting to see how functional fitnes events develop over the next few years!


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