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War-X • Interview

An interview with Jake Moore will make you want to visit Ohio for War-X on June 29th, 2024. It's a race I've been trying to get to for several years now (work/life events have not made it possible yet), and I think after you hear Jake talk about War-X (interview below) you'll be dying to get up there and give it a try. If you haven't signed up for War-X yet, but want to, use discount code TrioFit2024 for 10% off.

We're hosting a competition in 2024 that anyone can participate in simply by attending local obstacle course races across the United States. Learn more by visiting the OCR's Greatest landing page.

Athletes who are serious about increasing their performance at Obstacle Course Races should visit our OCR Training Page. We've coached dozens of athletes to faster finishes, Age Group Podiums, 100% obstacle completion, Ultra OCRs, and more.

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