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Horseshoe Bend OCR - With Paul Baughman

Updated: 6 days ago

Another interview with owners/directors of small/local obstacle course races in the USA. This time, we have Horseshoe Bend OCR with owner Paul Baughman. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to the interview. Details for the next Horseshoe Bend OCR are listed below (under the video), and the website and Facebook page are linked.


We are hosting a competition called OCR's Greatest. If you've completed any small/local obstacle course races this year, you are able to submit your results and get on the leaderboard. The winner is not decided by placement or time, but rather by the number of small/local OCR's they attended in 2024. Visit the OCR's Greatest webpage to learn more. It's free to participate.


Horseshoe Bend OCR

April 19, 2025

Page, Arizona

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