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An Interview With Aaron & Dana Sabia - OCR Builders, Directors, Owners

In our endeavor to put a focus on local obstacle course races in 2024, we've been using our social media to promote local OCR's all around the country. We thought it would be interesting (and we hope you think so as well) to talk to different Race Owners/Directors (full video interview below) from local events and get a "behind the scenes" look at what actually goes into these events, how much planning and work they take, some of the challenges, and more.

Aaron and Dana Sabia have been involved in obstacle course racing for years as athletes, but they also own Race Ready Obstacles where they hand-manufacture and build obstacles for gyms, individuals, and so on. They also build obstacles for several different races in the Mid-west, and this year they are hosting their own event, fittingly called: Midwest OCR. Some details for their OCR are listed under the interview below.

If you enjoy the interview, consider subscribing to our Youtube channel. We're planning on interviewing many more local OCR directors/owners this year, and we have a ton of Obstacle Course Racing content that you may enjoy. Thanks for watching/listening!

September 28, 2024 in Marseilles, Illinois

Distances: 5K, 10K, The Bearded Challenge, Kid's Course

Prize Money: 1st Place - $1,500

Obstacles: 34+ (their plan as of the time the video was recorded)

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