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Dear Spartan, We aren't doing burpee penalties in 2021.

It's time we said no more to burpee penalties! Not because Spartan is/should remove them, but because we are going to get 100% obstacle completion in 2021!

Most Spartan Racers know the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you fall from an obstacle and have to do the 30 burpee penalty. It SUCKS (especially if you are running competitively). But, we are going to do something about it! We are going to build up the strength/functionality to get 100% completion!

The majority of Spartan obstacles like; Monkey Bars, Twister, Beater, and Rope Climb require a solid amount of back, bicep, shoulder, grip, and core strength. If you are new to Spartan races or even brand new to exercise in general, it can be hard to know exactly what to do to build up the strength for these obstacles. Below we've included videos for 8 beginner, 5 intermediate, and 4 advanced exercises that you can do to build up the strength you need to get 100% obstacle completion. #nomoreburpees

Let's start with the Beginner Exercises.

Bar Inverted Row

Suspension Trainer/Ring Inverted Row

Dead Hang

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Hammer Curl

Suspension Trainer/Ring Assisted Pull Up

Bar Assisted Pull Up

Band Assisted Pull Up

Intermediate Exercises!

Pull Up

Toes To Bar

Bar Shuffle

Hanging Hand Release

Single Bar To Gripsling/Towel

Advanced Exercises!

Gripsling/Towel Side Shuffle

Bar Hop

Plyometric Pull Up

Double Bar To Gripsling/Towel

It definitely takes hard work and dedication, but we can do this! All of these exercises can be supplemented into your current workouts or you can make them into a full grip workout as well. Here's to a fantastic 2021 season with #nomoreburpees!

Author: Luke Hayes

Instagram: @lukejshayes



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