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Building The Ultimate OCR Athlete

I was on Instagram the other day, and I saw a graphic that someone made where they built the "ultimate quarterback". It had things like Tom Brady's clutch, Patrick Mahome's arm strength, Lamar Jackson's legs, etc. So I thought to myself, what would the ultimate OCR athlete look like?

Just as a point of reference, this is all for fun. I realize this could go a lot of different ways, but I don't apologize for the outcome, because this would be one UNSTOPPABLE OCR athlete.

1: Ryan Atkins's ability to recover. The man does massive events and often times shortly after other events. From championships, to 24 hour races, to 350 mile bike races, this athlete is just a beast at recovering and getting back on course and crushing it.

2: Veejay Jones's running form. If you check out his Instagram, you'll see videos of him running and it's just absolutely perfect. It's pretty much poetry in motion. Perfect stride and rhythm.

3: Nicole Mericle's racing style. The lady attacks every race. She bursts of the starting line and forces every other athlete to keep up with her the entire time if they want a shot at winning. She's got a winner's mentality.

4: Jonathan Albon's training knowledge. Albon has done an amazing job as an athlete. He's always, always a name that has to come up when it comes to great OCR and trail athletes, and it's in no small part due to his very smart training.

5: Lindsay Webster's consistency. Webster has DOMINATED OCR for years now. At any event she competes in, it's a question of who takes 2nd and 3rd place, because we've all become accustomed to Lindsay taking 1st.

6: Robert Killian's strength. Is he objectively the strongest athlete in OCR? No. However, his strength-to-size ratio is amazing. He's not built very big, but the man is an absolute monster at carrying and moving heavy things; even at the age of 40.

There you have it! The ultimate, unbeatable, unstoppable OCR athlete! If you have your own opinion, tell us which 6 you'd pick and why!


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