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Would You Rather - OCR Edition! (RESULTS)

Would You Rather (OCR Edition)! Thank you to everyone who participated! Obstacle Course Racing is such an awesome sport and with a strong community! Let's take a look at the popular votes for some very serious OCR questions! ;)

This one actually surprised us! The majority voted for Burpees over Bands?! It's safe to say, burpees aren't going anywhere.

Either one would suck, but the barbwire crawl would definitely be worse!

Chuck the beer! We need that swag!

Most people were against a several mile long slip n' slide?!

This goes hand in hand with the next question... friends will only slow you down! ;)

Yes! Fast like lightning!!

Hmmm genuinely curious why this was the popular vote!

Both would be amazing, but you can't skip the opportunity to be in paradise!

Yes! If you are only given one option, might as well make it a longer race so it's worth it!

Well, it is an obstacle race! :)

I guess most of you will be up in Canada learning how to make maple syrup!

No surprise there... she is the most recent Spartan World Champion after all!

Both are an amazing experience that present their own challenges.... but how could you not choose the beach!

I guess being stylish is secondary.....

The majority voted to run naked..... might change your minds when you get to the barbwire crawl!


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