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Try Going To The Bar For Your Next Workout!

No, not that kind of bar...No vodka shots here. We are talking about a pull-up bar! Way more exciting, right? YES is the correct answer. Pull-up bars can be used in a huge variety of ways, but today we are going to talk about how you can use them specifically to train for your next Obstacle Course Race.

99.9% of obstacles you'll find in an OCR require a functional combination of grip, bicep, shoulder, lat, and core strength. Some OCR events don't require quite as much upper body/grip strength, while others, like Savage Race and OCR World Championship require a Ninja-level of grip strength. Even for the races that have extremely tough obstacles, you still don't need fancy equipment or a full ninja gym set up. One of the best ways to practice any type of obstacle where your upper body is doing all/the majority of the work, is on a pull up bar.


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Side note: If you do want to get a little fancy, you can also add attachments to your bar and that will really spice things up as well!

Below are the top 5 exercises you can do to earn 100% obstacle completion with just a pull up bar. If you need help putting the exercises together into well structured workouts, then check out our GRIP GAINS e-book!

Exercise #1

Pull Ups

Exercise #2

Grip switches

Exercise #3

Dead Hang

Exercise #4

Side shuffle

Exercise #5

Inverted Row

We hope you'll begin putting a lot of time and effort into these'll mean WAY MORE obstacle completions for you!


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