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TRX/Suspension Training for Obstacle Course Racing

One of the benefits of training for an Obstacle Course Race, is that you can do it from just about anywhere with very little equipment needed. So, what's the best way to train for OCR without having a ton of equipment or space? A TRX or other Suspension Trainer is probably the #1 training tool you can buy. You can take them anywhere and most brands can be set up easily in a door frame.

Suspension trainers are better for functional training compared to most of your standard gym equipment because exercising with them requires more stability, mobility, grip, and core engagement. Most of the machines at the gym are on a track so you aren't going to get much of a functional benefit from them... though they do help you build muscle. So, ditch the gym machines and start training functionally for OCR. It makes sense to use functional training tools for a sport that requires you to twist, balance, crawl, and run on technical terrain.

Check out the exercises below! These are some of the best Suspension Trainer exercises that you can do to train for your next OCR!


This e-book will teach you how to perform 50 TRX exercises, using demo videos, that will improve your strength, stability, core, and endurance for Obstacle Course Racing. We've also included 10 full TRX workouts for you to apply your new skills!


Contact us if you have any questions about how to do these exercises or how to implement them into a workout.


Instagram: @triofitnessocr


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