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High Intensity TRX Workout For OCR

TRX suspension trainers are extremely versatile, and are under-utilized in training for OCR. TRX exercises work your core, grip strength, and allow you to perform dozens of exercises using a single side of your body at a time which helps with stability and developing balanced strength. The workout is written below, and a full demonstration video of the workout is also below - just scroll down!

This workout consists of 5 exercises:

1: TRX Fall Down x 10

2: TRX Atomic Pushup x 10

3: TRX Row x 10

4: TRX Lunge x 10

5: TRX Power Pull x 10

*Rest 45 seconds. Repeat 6x*


50 Exercises + 10 Workouts

This eBook will teach you how to perform 50 TRX exercises, using demo videos, that will improve your strength, stability, core, and endurance for Obstacle Course Racing. We've also included 10 full TRX workouts for you to apply your new skills!


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