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5 Advanced TRX Exercises

The TRX Suspension Trainer is an awesome training tool. Throughout the hundreds of variations and combinations of exercises that can be performed using TRX, you can work out your full body for strength, stability, isolation exercises, and so on. Here are 5 advanced TRX exercises that you may have never seen or attempted. Try them out! Tag us in the videos of you trying these exercises or leave a comment letting us know if you are able to perform these movements. We'd love to see how you do!

TRX L-Sit Pullup: Awesome exercise for back, forearm, grip, and core strength.

TRX Single Arm Inverted Row: Great back, forearm, grip, and core exercise.

TRX Inverted Bicep Curl: Awesome for pulling and grip strength.

TRX Single Arm Hinge: Perfect exercise for shoulder stability and core strength.

TRX Advanced Chest Press: Shoulder stability, chest, and triceps all challenged.

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