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The Slowest Mile - Try this OCR challenge!

If you like the challenge of Obstacle Course Races and DekaFit/Hyrox events then you'll "love" this workout!

The Slowest Mile - The goal is to run 1 mile in the fastest time possible while doing the fewest number of burpees possible.

You need to either use a GPS watch, run on a track, or somewhere that you know is 1 mile in distance. You must have a timer running for the entire workout.

Start your clock and keep it running the entire time. Run for 1 minute and then go right into 20 burpees. After you are done the 20 burpees, look at your watch and then go right into another 1 minute run. After that minute, go right into another 20 burpees and continue repeating that sequence of alternating between 1 minute of running and 20 burpees until you have run for a total of 1 mile. Stop your clock only at the end to record your total time for the workout.

Once you have finished the workout, fill out the form below the video description to submit your time. Your time can be submitted starting today through June 30th and we will post the results on July 5th.


Video description:

Submit your time below and we will post the results on July 5th!

Feel free to tag us and we will share your results! @triofitnessocr

Also, If you have any questions about this workout, you can sends us a message on Instagram: @triofitnessocr or email us at


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