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The Death Circuit

This is a workout I created many years ago for my clients while I was working in Arlington, VA. It may sound cruel once you see it, and especially if you try it, but it became a "right of passage" for many of them. I'd take some of my clients through it every few months, but for most clients, it was the workout we'd do for their very last session with me. Most of them wouldn't have been able to complete the workout before we started, so it was a good way for them to experience how their fitness had progressed...and yeah...maybe it was a fun way for me to say, "Goodbye".

I give you: The Death Circuit

This is to be performed as quickly as possible (while performing movements safely). You have 2 minutes to rest between each round, and not a second longer. You complete 4 full rounds, or you didn't complete the workout.

*Disclaimer - Don't do this workout if you have injuries or health issues. I'm not telling you to do it, and I'm certainly not liable for what happens if you do it.*

-Repeat full circuit 4X - Rest 2 Minutes between rounds-

Rower x 500 Meters (Damper 10)

TRX Fall Down x 30

TRX Power Pull x 30 each side

Dumbbell Step Up x 15 each side (25lbs Male, 15lbs Female) - each hand/18 inch box

Burpees x 30

Sit Ups x 30

Have fun and let us know how you do!

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