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Social Distancing Preparedness Training (At-Home OCR Workout)

This virus has created quite the mess. Gyms are shut down, and people are told to completely avoid each other. YOU MUST BE READY! With the workout video below, and the ones released over the next few days, you will become officially certified in SDPT (Social Distancing Preparedness Training) and be able to keep yourself, and your family, healthy.


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5 Rounds - 30 seconds rest between exercises - 2 minutes rest between rounds

-Reverse lunge - 30 seconds each side

-Plank side to side switches - 45 seconds

-High knees - 30 seconds

-Plan walkout - 45 seconds

-Squat Jump - 30 seconds


At Trio Fitness OCR we'll be providing workouts frequently during this "quarantine" time. Hopefully we'll be able to help OCR athletes learn more about exercising at home when there is little, or no, gym access! If you're ready to take your OCR training to the next level, visit our Training Programs page and get signed up! We trained many of our clients without a gym before the Corona Virus came around, and we'll continue to do so after it's gone!

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