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OCR Shoe Recommendations 2024

Last year we did a review of different shoes we like for Obstacle Course Racing. This year, we are updating, and amending, some of our "takes" from last year. If you have a favorite shoe for obstacle course racing that you swear by, post it in the comments! We'd love to hear which shoe you use, and why.

Be on the lookout later this year (subscribe to our newsletter to never miss these things) for our OCR Shoes survey 2024. Last year we had 400 people fill out the survey which led to some really great data and information about shoes - we compile that data and share it for everyone's use.

Custom Obstacle Course Race Training Programming & Coaching


7 Training Days Per Week

The Ultra OCR training program demands dedication and determination. Athletes need to allow at least 12 weeks of training prior to their Ultra. Each week, you'll have 6 days of training followed by a 7th day of fully programmed recovery work. It's time to accept the challenge. Click to learn more.


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