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Our Shoe Recommendations For Obstacle Course Racing

This is our personal opinion as athletes who've completed dozens of OCR's over the course of many years with a bunch of podium finishes in the Elite/Pro waves. Shoes are very much preferential. Some are definitively better than others, and some just depend on your foot size, shape, your athletic background, injury history, what terrain your run on most, and so on. To see what other OCR athletes think about good shoes, check out this article: OCR Shoes 2022 (What 150 OCR Athletes Think)

**Quick Update** Coach Joel (me) tried out the VJ Ultra shoes (mentioned in the video). I got them in a half size bigger than normal, and the toe box on them was super small and the material on the inside along the small toe part of the shoe was extremely odd and uncomfortable. Unlike any shoe I have ever work. I got huge blisters on both little toes within 2 miles of trail running. For reference, I have never had blisters from any shoe I've ever owned. I would never recommend them to anyone. I love the MAXx shoes, and it makes 0 sense why they would fit better and have a better toe box in size 9 than the Ultra's have in size 9.5. I give a strong recommendation for the MAXx, and the worst recommendation of any shoe I've ever worn for the Ultras.

Coach Joel's Top Pick: VJ MAXx

Why: Very durable. Light-weight. Drain water quickly and effectively. Good grip. *Be aware: VJ Shoes has very narrow toe boxes. The MAXx isn't bad, but you should buy it 1/2 size up from your normal size.*

Cost: $120-$160

Previous Shoes Used: Salming OT Comp (they left North America, or I would still be using them).

Coach Luke's Top Pick: Inov8 Xtalon

Why: Price if purchasing older model. Very good grip. Feeling of gripping the ground. Durable. Drain water well.

Cost: $115-$145

Previous Shoes Used: This is it!


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