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OCR's Greatest - The Biggest OCR Competition Ever

We love obstacle course races/mud runs. We want to see them thrive for years to come. We believe that the foundation of the sport is the small/local obstacle course races all across the country; and the world for that matter. We wanted to find a way to bring more attention to small/local OCR's, and so we created this competition: OCR's Greatest.

What is it?

OCR's Greatest is a year-long competition in the USA spanning from Jan 1, 2024, all the way to Dec 31, 2024 and it involves over 100+ small/local OCRs. What's the prize?

1 Participant will win the entire prize pool. It is currently valued at $900 and growing.

Who can participate?

ANYONE 18 years old+ can participate, and anyone could be the winner. This is not for high-level athletes alone.

What does it cost me?

It doesn't cost you anything to participate in OCR's Greatest.

How does it work?

Starting Jan 1, 2024 you can receive points for every small/local OCR you attend in the United States of America. Every race you do is worth 10 points. At the end of the year, the person with the most points (who attended the most small/local OCRs in 2024) is the winner and will win a prize pool made up of free entries to small/local OCRs in 2025.

How do I get my points on the leaderboard?

Simply send an email to

For the subject: OCR's Greatest

For the body: First & Last Name, include the event name and the link to the RESULTS PAGE for the event you completed. (This his how we confirm that you participated in the event.)

More questions???

Visit the OCR's Greatest page. On the bottom of the page is a map of the USA with 90+ small/local events marked with their names and links to their event pages. We also have PDF Files on that page that you can access for a list of all of the Small/Local OCRs that we know about, and THE RULE BOOK!!! If you are going to participate, we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you read the rule book so that you understand what qualifies as an OCR/Mud Run, how a tie is broken if two athletes have the same score at the end of the year, and more.

We'd love to have you participate, and we hope this brings more people to try small/local OCRs all around the country! So many of these events have unique, creative, challenging obstacles - things you won't see at most of the big-brand OCRs. If you host a small/local OCR and aren't involved yet, send us an email!

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