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Is mental fatigue an issue for you?

We all know what it's like to be physically fatigued from a workout, but what about mental fatigue? This type of fatigue is definitely a huge issue right now within the fitness industry due to event cancellations and postponements. How do we push through so that we can actually enjoy the process as we continue to work toward our goals?

Mental fatigue comes when you continue pushing on past the point where the honeymoon phase of motivation has died down and your body isn't progressing as quickly as it was before. This is when you are putting in the grind every day but starting to lose your joy for training and instead just feel like you are going through the motions. The most important thing you can do is remember your "WHY". We've talked about this before in previous articles but it's literally the most important part of starting/finishing any goal. If you don't have a "why", or your "why" is weak, then you are destined to fail. Take time each day to remember why you set that goal and how you will feel when you reach it. You have to envision, in extreme detail, how it will be when you reach your goal.

Give yourself a mantra to use when you are struggling. Personally, I hate steady state cardio - it's boring and I simply don't enjoy it. My mantra for that is, "it's just time". My brain tells me "Ugh this is boring, I hate it. When will this be over" Whenever those thoughts pop up, I repeat "it's just time". To me this means that it will pass, it will be worth it, and I'm not going to spend the entire cardio session complaining and rather be grateful that I can use my time for something that is beneficial for my goals and my overall health. It helps my brain to relax rather than fight the process. I then spend that time during my cardio sessions to remember my "why" and envision what it will be like when I reach my goal.

Make sure the information you put in your head is beneficial for your goal. We spend so much time watching TV and on social media. If the content you are consistently watching has nothing to do with your goals, then you are far less likely to achieve them. If you scroll through my social media right now, 90% of it will be related to fitness in some way. It is so mentally beneficial to constantly see other people pushing toward and achieving fitness goals. You will learn and grow while also minimizing distractions.

You have to be willing to let go of what other people think. Worry about what other people think is so mentally draining. It's definitely not easy, but you'll find that you are cheating yourself and not doing the things that actually need to be done to reach your goal. People will always be critical no matter what. Let them talk and allow it to bounce off of you. It's your life, not theirs, and it's your goal, not theirs.

The best thing we can do is accept this fact: you will have to spend every day of your life fighting against mental fatigue. To win the fight, take it one day at a time. You have to consistently remember your "why" and focus your mind to avoid all types of distractions. Consistency is key here so allow yourself to take every day as a victory. All those daily victories will add up to the big picture which is your "why".


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