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How To Build Your OCR Workout Plan

We've all set goals and failed to reach them, but when you create a solid plan on how you will reach your goal, then you are far more likely to succeed!

I've been a Personal Trainer/Coach for over 8 years and have done assessments with over 400 different individuals. Too many times I've seen the same process repeat itself: someone says they want to improve their performance but they haven't set any specific performance goals or any type of plan to get there...unfortunately they end of failing to reach their goals. Here is how you should create your OCR plan!


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Think if it like a pyramid. Your main goal will be at the very top. The main goal is what you ultimately want and will take the longest to reach. Under your main goal you have a few sub goals that will be directly related to your main goal and help you to know you are on the right track. Under your sub goals, you have mini goals that give you an overall breakdown of what metrics you need to consistently hit to reach your sub and main goals. The reason for breaking it down like this is so you can fully visualize how to reach your goal. You'll see the step by step process and will be encouraged as you achieve the mini goals and sub goals.


Main Goal:

Win Elite Spartan Stadion

Sub Goals:

Run 16 min 5k 15 pullups in a row 15 ram burpees under 45 sec

Mini Goals:

2 intense runs 2 HIIT workouts 5K stairs climbed 20 miles run 2 heavy carry

per week per week per week per week per week

Building your program like this will requires you to take a step back and break down your big goal into a bunch of little pieces.

Goal: Podium Elite Spartan Stadion

Broken down, you'll see this requires the ability to run at a high HR for 20-25 minutes with stairs, obstacles, and high intensity exercises mixed in. The greatest runner won't win, and the best Crossfit athlete won't either. You need a full combination of strength, speed, and endurance. For this goal, you need more speed/endurance and less strength. If you already have a strength background then definitely put more focus on cardio (without neglecting strength) , but if you are already an excellent runner, build up functional strength to complete the package.

Give it a try!

  1. Set a very specific, ultimate goal

  2. Identify "checkpoints" you will use to gauge progress

  3. Breakdown into mini weekly/monthly goals what is required to reach your ultimate goal


Trio Fitness OCR is an Obstacle Course Race Training company that specializes in designing custom programs to help athletes reach their potential. Check out our training programs, and let's get to work!

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