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Charlotte Spartan Sprint (Sunday) Recap

The Charlotte Spartan Sprint was my first Spartan Race in about 18 months! It felt so great to be back out there! I did the Elite Sprint on Sunday (Saturday was sold it - which is awesome to see). It was the perfect day! Sunny and 60s. Much better than a few years ago at the Charlotte Sprint when it was freezing cold and extremely rainy and muddy. I'm sure many people remember that race! I failed at least 2 of the obstacles because my hands were completely numb!

This past Sunday's Sprint was such a refreshing experience! It was a 3.4 mile course and, for the most part, was flat and fast. The course was on a cow farm so all the hoof prints in the ground made running a bit wonky and there was also a solid amount of wear and tear from the 3,000 racers who participated on Saturday. The first half of the race consisted of mostly the wall type obstacles which meant the spear, herc hoist, rings, z-wall, slip wall, and monkey bars were crammed into the last mile-ish.

I finished the race with 100% completion! There is nothing that compares to the feeling of relief when you make the spear throw! In contrast, the heart breaking feeling when you miss. I had a perfect throw this time and gained a placement because the athlete in front of me had missed. The one obstacle I almost didn't make was a huge surprise. It was the slip wall. This isn't usually an issue for me but the rope was completely covered in mud. I felt myself starting to slide back right as I was getting to the top... but I wasn't close enough to confidently reach so I dove for it and just barely caught the top with my finger tips! Success! I gained a placement here as well because another athlete was doing the burpee penalty.

It was so nice to spend time after the race catching up with athletes that I've been running with for years! It was an awesome venue with a lot of great vendors as well. I took some time to just soak it all in at the finish line watching athletes cross the finish line having just pushing their limits and overcome obstacles of all types!

2021 is looking to be a great year and I can't wait to get back out there again! See you all soon!


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