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Awesome Grip Strength Demos

Updated: 3 days ago

If you have never used towels or Grip Sling to build awesome grip strength, we HIGHLY recommend it. If you get proficient doing these exercises, and others with towels or with Grip Sling, you will crush almost any grip obstacle at almost any OCR. As far as towels to use, most towels work. Bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, and any other towel that is long enough. Enjoy the demos! Try some out and film how you do and tag us (@triofitnesstraining) in the video! We'd love to see you working hard on your grip strength!


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Grip Sling Alternating Climbs

Grip Sling Dead Hang

Grip Sling Inverted Row

Grip Sling Pullups

Grip Sling Rope Climb Simulation

Grip Sling Hammer Curls

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