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A Moment of Silence In OCR

It's not the first time this has happened, and it's more than likely that it won't be the last. We've lost another race brand in Obstacle Course Racing. We thought we'd take a moment to remember and reflect on those we've lost...

Rugged Maniac...once a Shark Tank wonder story and a favorite "entry level" OCR for years...gone now. I'll be honest, in all my years of racing, I never made it to a Rugged Maniac. Now that's more sad than ever. I was scheduled to race my first one on June 1st in North Carolina, but it wasn't meant to be. If you have cool photos from Rugged, post them in the comments wherever you find this article.

Warrior Dash: I made it to one of their events back in 2017 outside Washington, DC. It was a good race. Good photos, decent obstacles, fun festival area. Yeah, the course markings were a bit confusing, but still. I'll always remember that race for getting 4th place and missing 3rd at a time when I was racing pretty well at other was still fun.

Terrain Race & Muddy Dash: We are jumping the gun on this one. Are they OFFICIALLY dead? Not that I've seen. However, their social media has been inactive since October 2023, and neither company has posted any event dates on their website so far this year...Terrain Race doesn't even have anything listed under events. I liked Terrain Race back in 2017-2018. I thought they had a good event - especially for the price. Over the years, the quality dropped a lot based on dozens and dozens of reports and different articles written. I believe the same people/person owns Terrain Race and Muddy Dash which is why I've lumped them together.

Battle Frog: Yeah, it was forever ago, but it was the first race I ever did where I thought, "I could do this competitively". That's all for Battle Frog...a distant memory.

No doubt there have been others...but these events listed represent hundreds of thousands of obstacle course racers and mud runners. Goodbye. Goodbye.

If we're forgetting other race companies that have passed on, let us know.

At least we've had some races like Tough Mudder and Bone Frog resurrect. Maybe we'll see some of these events again one day.

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Feb 23

Superhero Scramble. Never actually did one but I was registered when they went defunct. Never saw my money returned.

Feb 23
Replying to

That stinks...some races do that.

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