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10 Tire Exercises For OCR

Tires are amazing exercise tools for OCR. Not only do they help you build full-body strength and power, they can be used to facilitate a host of different exercises...all with just a single tire!

Below, you'll find 10 different ways that you can use a tire to improve your overall performance in OCR. When you're finished checking out the videos, feel free to subscribe to the TFOCR Youtube Channel in order to see dozens of OCR videos.

Tire Hurdle Jump:

This exercise requires explosive lower body strength and is phenomenal for conditioning work. It can be implemented between tire flips, other exercises, or on it's own.

Tire Pike Pushups:

Just another surface on which you can place your feet for performing Pike Pushups. The great news is, you still only need a tire for this...not a whole gym full of boxes and benches. Pike Pushups are a great exercise for building tricep and shoulder strength.

Tire Flip:

Probably the exercise you were all thinking of when you thought of using a tire for exercise. It's similar to a deadlift, but still a little different. This is a full body exercise and can be used to build strength, endurance, or power depending on the tire and how the programming is done.

Tire Step-Ups:

Most people do step ups on benches or boxes. Well, the same thing can be done with a obvious as it may be, you'd be surprised how many people probably haven't done it as a portion of their Tire workout.

Tire Decline Pushups:

Another pushup variation that's simple to add into your tire workout! Work your shoulders, chest, and core between flips or whatever other exercises!

Tire Elevated Bridge:

With your feet elevated as you perform a bridge, you get an extended range of motion through which to work on your hamstrings, glutes, and core.

Tire Lift:

This is not a tire flip! During a tire flip there is no eccentric muscle loading. However, if you do a tire lift you get to work on eccentrically loading your muscles as you lower the tire back down to the ground with control. Eccentric loading is a very important part of training.

Tire Jumps:

This is exactly like a box jump, but you're jumping onto a tire instead. Similar to the step ups, you simply may not have thought of adding these into your tire workout.

Tire Single Leg Hip Press:

Absolutely awesome exercise for developing single leg hamstring, and glute strength. You also develop strength in your hip which provides you with greater stability; a key factor in running!

Tire Incline Pushups:

Sometimes fatigue sets in, and you need to scale your training back appropriately to finish a workout. Incline pushups can be done on a tire and still provide you with upper-body strength training work.

Now that you know 10 different ways you can use a tire for exercises that are extremely beneficial for OCR athletes, the only thing you need now is a PROGRAM! Check out our training programs HERE to find one that matches your specific goals.


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