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Top-Rated OCR Gear List

We've run polls for the past several years on different types of OCR gear. Those polls have provided a lot of data and feedback, so we thought we'd bring in the top performers from each poll to put together a more comprehensive picture of top-rated gear for OCR athletes. We've also included some OCR athlete favorites as far as training equipment. The individual articles are linked below. We hope you enjoy the read, and find the information valuable.


The top rated sock by OCR athletes in our 2021 poll was Mudgear and second place was Injinji. Seems like you can't go wrong with either of those two least not in the eyes of the athletes we polled.


For 2021, the shoe brand most worn by OCR athletes was Salomon. The runner up (no pun intended) was the brand Inov8. Salomon's Speed Cross series is a huge favorite. With Inov8, the Mud Claw seems to be a top pick.

GPS Watch:

The top choice, by a considerable margin, for GPS watches by OCR athletes is Garmin. The Fenix series in particular is very popular. The next brand most used was Fitbit, which I must say wouldn't be a top choice in my opinion simply due to the rugged nature of OCRs, but hey, that's what people voted.

Inexpensive At-Home Training Equipment: This wasn't an article we ran a poll for, but we've put together a few lists on the subject, and having been in the OCR world for many years, these items are absolutely favorites for athletes. Items aren't in any particular order.

5: TRX

Training Program:

While not specifically gear, you need a training program. Of course, we're going to plug our own programs here. Your programming should be defined by your goal, so no matter what program you choose or who coaches you, make sure the training helps you reach your goal. Our most popular program right now is our Ultra OCR program, but Hybrid Training (one of our newer programs) is becoming quite popular.

7 Training Days Per Week

The Ultra OCR training program demands dedication and determination. Athletes need to allow at least 12 weeks of training prior to their Ultra. Each week, you'll have 6 days of training followed by a 7th day of fully programmed recovery work. If you're ready for the challenge, sign up now.

We hope you enjoyed the information! If you'd like to read more of our articles, we publish a new one every single Monday on our Facebook Page. Head there and like and follow the page so you never miss an article!

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