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OCR Socks 2021 - What 70 OCR Athletes Think

Last year we asked 50 OCR athletes about the socks they use for OCR. To read that article, click HERE. This year, we asked 70 OCR athletes the same question. Except this year we expanded our brand list to a ridiculous number of brands, and we STILL had people choosing "other". Too many brands out there. Anyway, the results of our poll are below! We hope you find this informative in helping you choose a good sock for OCR.

To view the socks online, just click any brand name that is in green.

Note: We posted our survey online in over 50 OCR Facebook groups. If you want to get involved in more OCR Facebook groups, click HERE to to read our article: The Master List Of OCR Facebook Groups.

What was the top reason you chose your current brand of racing/training sock?

Durability and quality stole the show here! The type of material can certainly be a big factor; especially depending on weather conditions and geographical location. Normally when we do these surveys, almost no one says ads played a part in their choice, but we did have 2 from this surveyed group, so that's interesting. All in all, yeah, quality is


7 Training Days Per Week

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Do you think that socks play a big role in your training and racing?

As it turns out, the athletes think that socks do indeed play a big role in training and racing. I agree completely. If they feel comfortable and don't tear and help prevent blisters and perform well even when wet or muddy, that will make a difference. Good socks made for cold weather will obviously help your training in cold weather compared to a normal pair of socks.

What sock brand do you CURRENTLY use for training and Obstacle Course Racing? (IE - WHOSE THE TOP DOG IN OCR SOCKS?)

The winner is...MUDGEAR!!! Injinji came in second by just 1 vote! So close. But 26. We listed 26 brands of socks. Somehow, with all those brands listed, we still had 9 people choose "other". Goodness gracious. Anyway, Darn Tough did pretty well (my personal favorite brand). Everyone else: 2XU, Swiftwick, Balega, etc...not so good. Granted, it's only 70 athletes, but I'd say the results are pretty telling.

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