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Inexpensive At-Home Training Equipment For OCR (Part 2)

If you haven't already checked out Part 1 of this series: Inexpensive At-Home Training Equipment For OCR (Part 1), it's well worth a read! Here are more inexpensive tools you can use at home to become a better OCR athlete! Let's do this.

Note: Items in green and blue are hyperlinked to the product/page for your convenience.

Price: $50 - $150

Yeah, I know, $150 is not cheap. $50 is pretty cheap though. It just depends on how many "rig grips" you want on your slackline really. The $50 option will get you enough for some solid practice. This can be hung between two trees, or really any two sturdy poles or items. I'm personally highly considering getting one for my backyard. Yeah, it looks like a "kiddy" thing, but I'm pretty much just a big kid, so it works.

Price: $12 - $20

These are NOT the "get strong" bands. These are actually better than that in a way. These are the "prevent injury" bands. The resistance isn't very high, but that's okay because these bands can be used to perform a lot of movements that will strengthen the smaller, weaker, and underutilized muscles in your glutes and hips (among others). The price is low, and these bands almost never break.

Price: $8 - $15

Inexpensive for sure. While not something that will make a HUGE difference in your training, a grip strengthener is something you can use at home while watching movies or shows, at work at your desk, or even while driving (drive safely, people). In training, little things can make big differences. At the very least, this type of tool will help your grip strength.

Price: $10 - $20

Very inexpensive, and so worth it for trigger point work. Lacrosse balls allow you to work on smaller muscles than a normal foam roller. They are especially good for working on tight spots around the hips and in the upper back, but they are just good in general. Use them for better recovery and mobility.

OCR Buddy (App):

Price: $0.00

According to the Facebook group they manage, OCR Buddy is now FREE to download. It previously cost $2.00 (still, super reasonable). OCR buddy is an app that allows you to find races all over, all the time. It has more features that I'm not aware of having just begun to use it myself, but at the cost of $0.00, this is a must-have for OCR athletes to help them plan their race schedule. As we all know, training schedules and specific workouts SHOULD be determined by your race schedule.

Hopefully these options give you some strong tools to work with in preparing for OCR!

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