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Inexpensive Home-Gym Training Equipment (Part 1)

Working out at home can save a lot of time and money. A gym membership may not be necessary for the training you do. Here is a list of items we personally have found helpful in our training and that won't cost you a lot of money to purchase or time to set up.

Grip Sling Straps: Price: $35.95

These straps can be attached to almost anything, and they are a great tool for training grip strength. You can perform dozens and dozens of exercises using these straps: Rows, Pullups, Hangs, Slides, Triceps Extensions, Advanced Planks, etc. Check out Coach Luke's Instagram and you'll see plenty of videos that show how Grip Sling Straps can be used for tons of different exercises.

Some more videos of how you can train with Grip Sling Straps:

Climbing Rope: Price: $36-$50

Climbing ropes will help you build up all the muscles you need for any and all grip and pulling work in competitions. They are very good for toughening up your hands as well so you don't get blisters. Becoming proficient on a rope will almost certainly get you past: Hercules Hoist, Rope Climb, Monkey Bars and other bar obstacles, rigs of all natures, at any obstacle course race, and it'll help your upper body and grip strength for any number of competitions. These types of ropes can be hung from a sturdy tree branch, a bracket in a ceiling, or pretty much anything that's strong and high enough off the ground.


3 Training Days Per Week

Train with Coach Luke for Hybrid competitions such as Deka Fit/Strong/Mile, Camp Gladiator Games, and Hyrox. Luke is a 2x Camp Gladiator Games Team Champion, holds a 12:30 personal best time at Deka Strong, and competed in the Deka World Championship last year after qualifying for his age group. Click the title above or the image to view the program.


TRX Suspension Training: Price: $130 - $250

TRX is a little bit more pricey compared to other items on this list. However, there are a few things I'd like to point out as to why TRX belongs here. 1: They are worth it. There are hundreds of different exercises and exercise combinations that can be done with a single TRX. 2: You don't have to buy one brand new. I bought my own TRX about six years ago, and I got the highest-end edition they had at the time ($250 brand new). However, I shopped around. I found a brand new, unopened, TRX on Craigslist for $125. There were cheaper, used options, but I wanted mine brand new...because I'm picky. I have no doubt you can find a used TRX on FB Marketplace or some place similar.

Weight Vest: Price: Around $40 for 20lbs

I can't recommend weight vests enough. Sometimes doing bodyweight work just isn't enough for our goals. Sometimes we need to get stronger. Enter the weight vest. Weight vests will go up over 100lbs (not cheap at that point), but even adding 20lbs of weight to your basic exercises like pushups, pullups, dips, planks, lunges, squats, etc. can mean reaching a whole new level of fitness and ability at an OCR. There are tons of brands and shapes and varieties to choose from, but I personally own and use 20lb and 40lb RUNmax weight vests. That's all for our list today! Thanks for reading the article. There are tons of other inexpensive tools you can get for your home to improve your OCR training, so look for future articles like this one.

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