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Top News Sources in OCR & Hybrid

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

There are no top news sources in OCR or Hybrid competitions...they are all garba...GOT YOU! That was a joke. Sorry if you came here to read a juicy bash piece. You've come to the wrong place. If you are here to get news sources though, WELCOME!

I've ranked these news companies based on what I (Joel Hayes) currently see with their activity level in these sports at this time. This is my opinion. I don't know (personally have a relationship with) anyone who owns/runs these companies, so take that how you will. One more qualifier: I am not someone who tries to stay on top of every little detail at/about every single race or athlete. I don't care about drama between athletes (unless it is affecting the sport or rules), so I only pay attention to certain headlines, articles, posts, etc. that these companies publish.

I remember when The OCR Report started popping up with information on their Instagram. I personally originally started following them because they would share race results from so many different races each weekend. As someone participating in lots of races, and who has lots of friends doing the same, I love that they do this. They have grown a lot over the last few years and have/do provide(d) live video feeds on YouTube from Spartan Race, Savage Race, and Hyrox. They are, in my opinion, doing a good job with what they have. It also seems (from what I have seen) that they are "breaking" more news more frequently than ever before.

I've combined these two because they are both owned and run (to my knowledge) by Matt Davis. While Hybrid Fitness Media is very new, I expect it to operate similarly to ORM based on it being run by the same person. Obstacle Racing Media has been around as long as I can remember in the sport. Spartan Race was huge competitively (huge for our sport) for several years, and ORM was all over the news and interviews. One thing that I think is very good is the connections to race staff and Pro athletes. Matt Davis seems to know a LOT of them, which means he has a lot of opportunities to get, and share, what's going on. ORM also appears (again, from what I see) to care a lot about Tough Mudder when it seems other sources rarely ever mention it, which is good for Tough Mudder.

Inside OCR is here for the race maps. I love that they post course maps. I admit, of the names listed, this is the one I know least about and look at least, but also because (from where I am viewing) it doesn't share as much content. Most of the content is Spartan Race and Savage Race, which are the big dogs of OCR, so that makes sense. I learned about some of Spartan's new obstacles partially from them this past year, so that was good! Certainly, there is valuable information you could gain from following Inside OCR.

A JOKE! A JOKE! This is a joke. We aren't in the news business. Besides providing online coaching for athletes in Obstacle Course Racing, Hybrid, and Tactical events, we just like to create valuable articles full of training information, resources, race reviews on occasion, funny articles from time to time, and workouts you can try for yourself! If you want to improve your performance at any OCR, Deka, Hyrox, or Tactical competition, just click the appropriate link from this paragraph. Also, feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

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