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The 3 Best Ways To Find OCR Events

If you like variety in OCR's, and want to quickly and easily find ones with dates that fit your schedule, you've come to the right place. We'll keep this short and sweet.


I reached out to the owner/creator of OCR Buddy to get the best possible description and capabilities of the app. What follows is a summary of all the features:

"Free to download and available on the App Store and Google Play (Click HERE for Android and HERE for IOS). There is also a desktop version that is parallel to the app and that can be found at Event types featured within the app include (but not all are used extensively): OCR, Road, Trail, Ninja, Parkour, Adventure, Training, Foam, Inflatable, Hybrid, Virtual, Endurance/Ultra, Ruck and Other. Filters include:

Filtering by Brand, Location by Country, Location By State/Province, Location by City, Events you and/or Buddies are participating in, OCRWC Qualifiers (for those that are listed), Keyword, Length of event, Race Options, Race Type and a couple others. Each Event page shows the following: Name, Brand, Location, Weather at the event site, Hotels nearby, Length of the event, Web link to the brand website or registration page, brand information and/or race specific information. We also have a feature that if the Race Director gives us an email address, a Buddy can contact the Race Director through a button on the app (email), you also can mark off if you are registered, interested or not going and the event will change colors."

As you can see, the perfect tool for finding races!


At Trio Fitness Training, we offer multiple Custom training programs. We customize the training based on: Your goals, your current fitness level, the exercise equipment you have access to, your time availability for training, the terrain you have access to, current or previous injuries, your travel schedule, and every other factor you can imagine. These programs are created workout by workout to fit you as perfectly as possible in order to get you to your goals.


NUMBER 2: Run Guides

This website is just a great resource overall for finding OCR events, and other types as well. I don't know the owner, or I would have asked for a description from them as well. Take a look if you're interested. I've used it a few times in the past and ended up finding some small, local OCR's that other websites weren't bringing up.

NUMBER 3: Run Signup

The link I attached to the name (above) goes directly to their advanced search page. One of the categories there is Obstacle Course. They list an enormous number of events, and many small events use this site to create event pages and process signups.

There you go! Between these three resources, you should never run out of OCRs to compete at, and you should have an enormous variety to choose from!

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