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The Massive List of 137 OCR Facebook Groups (2023)

For many in obstacle course racing, it's about the community and the people you meet along the way. As such, here is a ridiculous list of OCR Groups you can join on Facebook. This is not an exhaustive list, and if you know of others, feel free to link them in the comments and we'll add them to the list.

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Groups are categorized by specific interests, races, and geographical location.

Ultra Distance OCR Groups:

OCR Tribe - WTM, Ultra, and Extended Time/Distance OCR Group

Spartan Ultra Beast

Spartan Ultra Beast Worldwide

Spartan Ultra World Championships 24



Comunidad OCR Europa

European Spartans & OCR

Obstacle Course Racing Community | Croatia

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Essex

OCR athletes of Malta

OCR Europe Community


OCR - Romania

Scottish OCR

Sons Of Mudarchy MUDCRO OCR UK Charter

Spartan Ukraine

Savage Race:

Savage Syndicate

We Love Savage Race

Asia, Australia, New Zealand:

Obstacle Course Racing (Australia)

Obstacle Course Racing (New Zealand)

Obstacle Course Race (Philippines)

Spartan Japan Community Group

Spartan Malaysia Community Group

Spartan Philippines Community

Tough Mudder:

Tough Mudder Legionnaires

Tough Mudder Nation

Tough Mudder Newbies and OG's

Tough Mudder North America Challenges

Tough Mudder Orlando - Central Florida

Tough Mudder UK

Tough Mudder UK Legionnaires

Tough Mudder UK Official Training Group

Tough Mudder Singles & Dating

Tough Mudder Wisconsin!

Toughest Mudder Community

World's Toughest Mudder Community

East Coast USA:

Atlanta OCR

Central New York OCR & Trail Running

Charlotte Obstacle Race Enthusiasts

East Coast OCR

East Coast Spartans

Fayetteville Spartans and OCR fans

First Coast Spartans (North East Florida)

Florida Spartan Racers

Georgia Obstacle Racers and Mud Runners (GORMR)

Myrtle Beach OCR 💪

NE Spahtens

NE Spahtens Training

Ohio OCR Grand Slam

Philly Spartans

Sons of Mudarchy MUDCRO OCR NJ Chapter

Southeast Ohio Obstacle Course Racing

Spartan Race Nashville



Tri-State OCR

West Coast USA:

Arizona OCR

Arizona Spartans United

Colorado Obstacle Race Training

Colorado Obstacle Racers group page

Colorado Spartan Race

NorCal Spartan Training

Sacramento Spartans

San Diego Spartans

Spartan Race- Las Vegas

Team West Coast Spartans

West Coast OCR

"Central" USA:

Greater Houston OCR

Lone Star Spartans

Mid America OCR

North Star Spartans

San Antonio Obstacle Course Racers


Alberta Obstacle Course Racers

Canada East Spartans

Canada West Spartans

OCR Alberta (Hurtin Albertan)

Obstacle Athletes Ontario

Official Spartan Canada Volunteers

Spartan Canada Community

Spartan Endurance Canada

SPARTAN RACE Western Canada Street Team

Spartan By Name:

Hawaii Spartan Ohana

Spartan 4.0

Spartans 4-OCR

Spartan Age Group Category

Spartans North 50

Spartan/OCR Training

Spartan Racing

Spartan Racers Hawaii

Spartan Racers Worldwide

Spartan Trifecta Tribe

Spartan Trifecta World Championship Community

Here's a huge list of other less-easily-categorized groups:

OCR Training Tips

All Things Obstacle Course Racing

Aroo International Spartans


City Challenge Race | Athlete's Forum

CL OCR Members

Crazy Mudder Muckers

CQ Obstacle Course Racers

Everything Obstacle Course Racing

Friends Who Love Spartan Race


Legion Of Mud

Mud Run Guide

Mud Run & Obstacle racing

Obstacle Course Racing Fans

Obstacle Course Racing support, health, and fitness

Obstacle Race Magazine Community

Obstacle Race Training - OCR FAMILY

Obstacle Racing Worldwide

OCRAddict Group

OCR and Race Registration Trades!

OCR Community

OCR Evolution

OCR Freaks

OCR Friends

OCR Geeks (Maps)

OCR is Life


OCR Marketplace: Buy, Sell, Trade

OCR North America United

OCR Racers

OCR Series Athletes group

OCR Solo Mudders



OCR United :: Uniting Everyone OCR ::

OCR Warrior Compound

OCR World Championships Athletes

OCR Wrongens

Pinoy Fitness OCR


Team RWB Obstacle Course Racing

The Obstacle Order

The OCR Buddy Community

The OCR Group


The Forge

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