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New Spartan Season Pass - Skip All Obstacles

Spartan Racing has a new Season Pass offering that's causing a stir in the OCR community. With the pass, athletes receive a special wristband that allows them to bypass all obstacles in the race without incurring any penalties, even in the competitive Elite and Age Group heats.

This new option has sparked a lot of controversy, but Spartan CEO Joe De Sena is on board with it. "We already took away burpees, so we might as well take away the obstacles too since everyone complains about them so much. If they want OCR to be just a trail run, they'll have to pay me first," says De Sena.

There is ONLY ONE obstacle that you still can't skip...


4 Workouts Per Week

The Forge training program provides you with 4 workouts per week designed to improve your overall fitness for Obstacle Course Racing. Your strength, speed, and endurance will all be tested. Each week of programming will also help you improve your running and grip strength. It's time to forge yourself into the best OCR athlete you can be! Click the photo or program title to learn more.


"The Laser Pistol is the only obstacle that this pass won't let you skip; mostly because we spent an enormous sum of money on the system, and we need it to get OCR into the Olympics."

Spartan HQ believes this daring new pass will bring new athletes into OCR, especially in the Elite heats. The obstacle aspect of OCR can be intimidating for some, so this pass gives them the option to focus on their strengths and pay their way out of anything that may challenge them.

The announcement has created a lot of buzz on social media, with some elite athletes thinking Spartan should have gone a step further by removing ALL obstacles, not just man-made ones. This would include roots, rocks, water, mud, gravel, sand, snow, cow manure, and anything else that could pose a risk of injury.

The cost of the pass starts at $1,499 and increases $50 every three days until 1,000 have been sold. There are also additional fees of $736 during checkout. However, buying the pass may come at the cost of your dignity. ***DON'T WORRY, THIS ARTICLE IS FAKE NEWS - 100% MADE UP FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.***

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