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Listing Free OCR Training Resources

There are a ton of free resources online that will help you prepare for obstacle course racing. These aren't categorized, and they are listed in no particular order. We hope these resources help you learn and grow in obstacle course racing, and at the end of the article, we need your help!

Trio Fitness Training Youtube Channel. There are dozens of videos from races so you can see good ways to complete obstacles at actual races. There are also several hundred exercise demos for all sorts of valuable training along with a 50 episode series called Coach 'n Coffee that covers almost every single thing you can think of in OCR. If you also participate in Hybrid competitions, there are a lot of Deka Strong/Mile full videos, demos, footage from the 2022 GORUCK Games, and more.

The OCR Report reports on news in the sport, but we have them listed here for another reason. On their website there is a tab labeled "Podcasts". Under that tab, you will find 5 different podcasts listed. Some are active, some haven't uploaded new episodes for a year or two (at least based on what is listed on the website), but there is an enormous amount of information that is very relevant for strategy, training, nutrition, and more.

Trio Fitness Training Blog. Yeah, that's two TFT resources, but that's because we provide an insane amount of information for free to anyone interested in obstacle course racing. We have written over 200 articles. We have articles on the best shoes for OCR, best GPS watches, how to use things like TRX for training, how to climb a rope, workouts you can try to improve your fitness for obstacle course racing. We have articles about improving your running, the best cross training methods, grip strength training, OCR gear, and so much more.

Savage Race offers a free stock training plan if you give them your email address! We'll be honest, we haven't seen the program because we don't need it, but it's there and it's free for those who don't know where to start!

Now it's up to you! We got the list started, but we'd love it if you would keep it growing! If you know of free training resources for obstacle course racing, put them in the comments so everyone can benefit! We'll compile a list with the resources people provide and release ALL of them at a later date.

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