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Joel's Birthday Workout

Hi, I'm Joel. That's me. This year I turn old. No, not really. I'm in my prime, and always will be, because I train consistently! That being said, I wanted to create a workout for myself that I could do every single year on my birthday to see the following:

1) Am I still able to do it.

2) How badly did it kill me?

3) How does my time change year-over-year?

You should all give it a try! Let me know how you do. Feel free to modify as needed, but I'm performing it exactly as written.

Joel's Birthday Workout

-For Time-

1 Mile Run

100 Sandbag Cleans (60lbs)

1 Mile Run

100 TRX Pikes

1 Mile Run

100 Weight Vest Pushups (20lb vest)

1 Mile Run

100 Pullups

Truly, what better way to spend time on one's birthday than crushing oneself willingly in celebration? If you want a birthday workout for yourself, shoot me an email at and I'd be happy to create something horrible for you to try each year! Just know that if I get a million emails, it's going to be a while before you all get a response. I have a life and a job; but I will respond.


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